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Fri., Sept. 14, 2012

Cowan shows independence

We need Rich Cowan in Congress. Rich is a truly independent American. If you are ever lucky enough to listen to or read about Rich, you will find why he is the man we want.

First, Rich is a gracious gentleman who listens with intent to all the ideas and concerns of his fellow citizens. But he goes beyond that because he is smart; not the elitist-type smart but the common-sense-type smart. He understands the nuts and bolts of national and international affairs. This prepares him to work effectively for solutions and not just practice politics.

As a successful small-business owner, Rich understands fiscal prudence. But he also has compassion for handicapped children, the helpless elderly, and all people in need of aid from their fellow citizens. He sees that we can only have national unity if we all share in the pursuit of justice and our common defense.

For example, he supports traditional Social Security and has plans to strengthen it. He is not a sell-out to privatization.

It is time we abandon the old dog-eat-dog philosophy of Wall Street and move forward together as brothers and sisters.

Ron Myers


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