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SATURDAY, SEPT. 15, 2012

Read up on Romney

Our schools are failing. People don’t read. The politicians and media know it. Why would people be excited about voting against their best interests? People believe the snippets and don’t research the data.

I ask the public to read the Sept. 13 Rolling Stone magazine article: “The True Story of Mitt Romney & Bain Capital.” It tells how Romney became a business success. Everyone knows he is fantastically wealthy, but do they know that he borrowed large sums of money that other people were forced to pay back?

As the chief executive officer of Bain, he took out massive bank loans, used them to acquire existing firms, liquidated every asset in sight and left the target companies holding the note. Then he sent the proceeds offshore. Without breaking a law, Bain bankrupted several businesses, such as KB Toys in Pittsfield, Mass. Employee Lenny Patnode will vote “Obama/Biden.” He was laid-off without his pension or severance after 40 years, while Bain profited 370 percent.

Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, is a liar who states his only marathon time was under three hours, around 2:50 something, when actually he finished 4:01:25.

Linda Bauer


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