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Sat., Sept. 15, 2012

Saying it like it is

When, before Sept. 2, did our newspaper say it like it is? I salute the courage of the letter writer of “Abortion is murder” and the astuteness of the editors.

The Democratic convention was startling in its blatant, repetitious promotion of abortion – the killing of preborn persons – while assiduously omitting the word. “Reproductive rights” was used ad nauseam, as though it’s a woman’s right to ruthlessly end the life of an innocent, defenseless human being. Since when is woman above her creator?

A person pregnant by any means becomes a mother and is much more than inconvenienced for about nine months, unless she chooses to deprive her tiny child of, not just nine months, but life itself. That’s her choice, but not her right. Man-made laws can never cancel those of the creator.

Numerous voters claim to be Catholic and “pro-choice.” They can’t be both. The church Christ founded does not include in its membership those who consistently, publicly condone abortion. Heretics are not Catholics no matter what some bishops or priests say or fail to say.

Abortion is murder. To vote for anyone who condones murder is immoral, religion or no religion.

Just sayin’ it like it is!

Mary Grussell


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