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Break grip of oil firms

Rummaging through some packing crates, I came across a newspaper article covering a nationwide independent truckers strike. They were protesting the high cost of fuel in June 1979, 33 years ago.

Good for them. The general public should be doing the same right now. Strange that one of the richest and most profitable industries on this Earth continues to receive tax breaks and subsidies while politicians attempt to bring the federal budget under control on the backs of those living paycheck to paycheck, and are having trouble keeping food on the table.

Could it be all that big campaign money has clouded the politicians’ eyes and deafened their ears to the public’s cries for action instead of obstruction for political gains? That’s my guess.

We have an award-winning Congress when it comes to spending time on ideological matters and political stonewalling, while solving the nation’s real problems takes a back seat.

Eugene Murphy

Priest River, Idaho


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