September 18, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Catholics, oppose Obama


There should not be one Catholic voting to put this president back into office. The word God was booed at the Democratic Convention, and I do not believe God has become so irrelevant to the majority of people.

The definition of one man and one woman and sanctity of marriage is being challenged, along with the primary purpose, which is to procreate. With a handshake and a promise to Sen. Bart Stupak and others to keep abortion funding out of the health care law, it was passed. We now know the promise was not kept.

The new law will mandate Catholic hospitals supply birth control and ensure their insurance policies cover this, too. So much for our religious freedoms. Remember that life begins at conception and ends at natural death, not somewhere in between, especially in the womb. The Health and Human Services secretary will have control over our lives as she/he sees fit.

Good luck to all the Catholic health care and charities workers when you are unemployed. Think hard. You cannot take your vote back.

Steven Skreenock


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