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From our archives, 100 years ago

Police were seeking Preston Thayer, believed to know something about the murder of chauffeur/cab driver James Pollock several days earlier by someone who had hired his car.

Police had information that Thayer might have been involved in some kind of fight over possession of the big Winston auto. However, Thayer was nowhere to be found and authorities were still unclear about his role, if any, in the slaying. Two other men, named Anders and Smith, were being held as witnesses.

 Police suspicions turned toward Thayer because of statements made by his wife. Mrs. Thayer told police that she met her husband and the two other men downtown late Saturday night and Thayer told her he had “laid out” a man. She asked if he had killed him. Then Smith told Thayer, “Don’t tell her nothing.”

Thayer never answered the question and hadn’t been seen since. Police were still unsure about the facts of the case and said that Mrs. Thayer, Anders and Smith all seemed cooperative. Police believed the two men might be induced to tell more after being held for a few days.

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