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Jim Kershner’s this day in history

From our archives, 100 years ago

The wife of Preston Thayer, wanted for murder in the slaying of a chauffeur/cab driver earlier in the week, was busy trying to establish an alibi for him.

Thayer himself was still at large, although his wife said she expected him back “any time.”

“He’ll be back and ready to stand trial,” said the cheerful and talkative Mrs. Thayer.

She said that she had reconstructed the events of the fatal night in her mind and was certain her husband could not have been the murderer.

“He and I quarreled about his week’s wages, and I told him to leave,” she told reporters.

Then, a few hours later, she saw him from her window in the limousine with three other men, including the chauffeur. Only 20 minutes later, he called her from a train depot and asked her to meet him.

“That shows he couldn’t have gone out there, killed this man and gotten back to town,” Mrs. Thayer said.

When reporters asked her about a report that he had left the city disguised as a girl, she said he would never have done that.

But then one of the couple’s daughters piped up with, “But we used to dress him up as a woman in your clothes!”


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