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Sat., Sept. 22, 2012, midnight

GOP hasn’t created jobs

Election season! Candidates saying stupid things they can’t back up with fact, and expecting Americans, most softened in the cranial area by TV, to swallow whoppers like pita chips at a Super Bowl game.

Mitt Romney claims he’s better at the jobs thing. If Republican policies are so great, why doesn’t everyone have a job? They had time to employ their magical fixes but, for whatever reason, held back.

All through President George W. Bush they held back, without a peep about the deficit despite the fact that Bush ran it to unheard-of heights while leaving two wars completely out of the budget.

The nation was teetering on the brink of a crash so brutal it would take decades to crawl out of it.

President Barack Obama said he would stop us from going over the edge and, somehow, he did.

Did he employ some tricks to postpone the inevitable? Probably. Did he do things that conservatives hate? Yup. But he bought us time, and that’s the promise that I heard back in 2008.

We’re still here. Thanks, Obama, and no thanks to the House of Representatives, who seem to think just about anything is more important than jobs for Americans.

Nancy Runyan

Spokane Valley

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