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Responses to letter on intimacy

Sat., Sept. 22, 2012

Dear Annie: May I, a male in his 70s, respond to “Bob,” who said that aging, obese, snoring and unhealthy women are the reasons for bedroom problems? Perhaps in his home, but not in ours. I can’t pinpoint exactly when intimacy began evolving into something deeper, but when I retired, I became so appreciative of this woman who, for more than 30 years, managed our home and family and always ensured that my life was as comfortable as possible. I show my love and thanks by having her coffee ready each morning and performing household labor. I don’t mind that her body has added weight (so has mine). I compliment her continuing beauty, magnificent heart and kindness to others. – Kathy’s Grateful Husband

Dear Grateful: Bless your heart. We were overwhelmed with mail from men and women, agreeing and disagreeing with Bob. Read on for a tiny sample:

From Kentucky: “Bob” is right. Men don’t look at obese women walking by. But you won’t see a woman taking a second look at an obese man, either.

Name Withheld: When I was 58, my wife decided that I should get my testosterone checked. I did – and happened to mention that my wife had put on an extra 50 pounds. Boy, did I get an earful on the way home. Women are wired differently. They equate sex with love. Most men feel that sex is a physical thing. All this, and I still love my wife very much.

Florida: Women of America, please ignore this pathetic loser. Plenty of men have laughable beer bellies and think watching golf is exercise.

California: I’m a 52-year-old man, married for 31 years. I enjoy talking to my wife on the phone, but lose my libido as soon as I see her. Men are visually stimulated. I have even searched dating sites looking for sex. Bob is correct: Women on dating sites are single because they are fat.


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