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Roskelley has key qualities

We expect our elected officials to have vision for today and all the tomorrows into the future. That is a tall order. Long-term thinking is rare in public thinking at this time. The more varied the experience an official has, the easier it is to have that vision. But Yogi Berra has said that it is hard to make predictions, especially about the future.

It is important that we all care about our community. It is a moral imperative that the elected officials work to protect and empower all the citizens, equally. We all need to take responsibility for ourselves but also for our fellow human beings. Empathy is what makes us human. We have the innate ability to experience the feelings of others and to put ourselves in their shoes. That is what our leaders should do. And on top of that, they should be driven to excellence.

If you believe all of that is important, I urge you to support John Roskelley for Spokane County commissioner. You will be proud of him. He believes and he will make it happen!

Bart Haggin



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