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Letter for the birds

Beverly Robertson writes (Sept. 13) that a “lip reader” ascertains that Michelle Obama whispered a derogatory remark about the flag during the 9/11 Memorial, and that the president nodded in agreement. Where did this piece of scurrilous invention come from? Rush Limbaugh? The Drudge Report? Faux News? Or some other right-wing publications that seem to be so popular with tea partiers and others of that persuasion?

How can you publish something so nebulous in its origins? What’s next, mind readers for news sourcing? Ouija boards? Mediums?

It is pathetic that in your publisher’s determination to rid the country of President Barack Obama you sink to this level of yellow journalism. To use this publication to line a bird cage would be elevating it way beyond its real calling in the world.

Pat O’Leary



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