September 23, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Romney told the truth


After reading the Sept. 18 The Spokesman-Review article about Mitt Romney’s “victim” speech, I find myself wondering what the fuss is all about. Every single thing he stated is the truth. There are close to one-half the people that will follow President Barack Obama like sheep to slaughter. They believe everything he says and feel the government and those nasty business owners (rich people) owe them food, health care, housing, birth control, abortion drugs, college education, etc.

Why should Romney focus on a group of people whom he will never sway? This was from a campaign speech to supporters. He laid it on the line and told his supporters precisely what group of voters he was going to spend their campaign donations going after.

The Obama camp has stated that it may use Romney’s remarks in an ad for their campaign. I would like to see Romney use these remarks in his own campaign! They certainly make a clear point.

Greg Schultheis

Colton, Wash.

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