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Reality can be painful

People are asking: “How am I going to survive? Who is going to take care of us?” The people who have been drawn into the dependency culture that started in 1935 with Social Security and FDR are asking these questions.

The last 65 years of the 20th century brought more changes than any other time period. Drastic changes in medicine, communication, electronics, transportation, temptation and inflation took place.

Inflation brought higher wages, higher prices, greed and dishonesty that followed the raises. For the majority, the Great American Dream became a reality by purchasing things on credit. A house, two cars and, unfortunately, expensive toys were also purchased on credit.

The greedy bankers who were watching with glee came out of the wings offering refinancing on anything that had equity. This refinancing frequently came with higher interest.

Our (compassionate?) government came forward with food stamps, Medicaid, retirement plans, etc. Far too many people thought “Why worry about insurance!” Now, we have seniors and baby boomers running scared as they find out Uncle Sugar is telling them that Medicare and Social Security are running out of money. Reality can be painful.

Gerald W. Ray



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