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Washington records

Spokane County

Marriage licenses

Justin C. Cooley and Tiffany A. Davila, both of Spokane.

Jeremy L. Himmerich and Kathleen L. Carpenter, both of Colbert.

Stephen N. Doss, of Virginia Beach, Va., and Ashley E. Hogue, of Chesapeake, Va.

Christopher R. Honey and Michelle D. Atkinson, both of Spokane Valley.

Timothy R. Kline and Anna G. Hirst, both of Spokane Valley.

Dennis G. McElveen and Rosalee McElveen, both of Spokane.

Kevin D. Carey and Stephany K. Wieland, both of Cheney.

Robert S. Rothman and Madre C. Kuhle, both of Nine Mile Falls.

Jack L. Olivers and Mackenzie L. Salvage, both of Spokane.

Corey R. Millican, of Spokane, and Laura E. Takisaki, of Spokane Valley.

Ruschard T. Doddmasters and Trinh V.H. Dinh, both of Spokane.

Mark Hilditch and Sharon D. Raymond, both of Liberty Lake.

James W. Speaks and Merissa L. Linn, both of Spokane.

Robert J. Voves and Jody J. Jackson-Cummins, both of Spokane.

In the courts Superior courts

New suits

Robert L. Ware et al. v. Northwest Building Components Inc. et al., personal injury.

Brad Miller v. James Haney, money claimed owed.

Donald R. Swank et al. v. Valley Christian School et al., wrongful death.

June Dexter v. Tami J. McLaughlin, injuries/vehicle collision.

Moland Management Co. v. Jeffrey Gould, restitution of premises.

Maas Electric Inc. v. Windsor Enterprises LLC et al., money claimed owed.

Diana P. Welch v. City of Airway Heights Police Department, petition for removal of forfeiture action.

Extant Management Group LLC v. Cassie Cash et al., restitution of premises.

Suk V. Rental Properties v. Wayne Wilson et al., restitution of premises.

Marriage dissolution petitions

Lucas-Brown, Trina L., and Brown, John G.

Williams, Jessica J. and Robert S.

Warren, Jeri L. and Brian H.

Aguilar, Pamela and Nick

Lumzy, Jerri A. and Tyrone

Ackaret, Kayla V. and Brett R.H.

Brosvik, Savannah and Matthew

Scott, Stephanie L. and Justin L.

Huckabee, Victoria and Charles

Walters, Theresa and Wesley

Marriage dissolutions granted

Glenn, Ronald E. and Julie D.

Dougall, Erica L. and Shawn C.

Enchaniz, Donato A. and Sherry A.

Fay, William E. and Kasi L.

Criminal sentencings

Judge Sam F. Cozza

Robert L. St. John, 42; 10 months in jail, 12 months probation, after pleading guilty to riot and third-degree theft.

Zachary Smith, 51; 48 days in jail with credit given for 49 days served, after pleading guilty to riot.

Judge Linda G. Tompkins

Charles E. Pearson Jr., 26; 50 months in prison, after pleading guilty to possession of a stolen motor vehicle; $8,576 restitution, after being found guilty of possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Judge Annette S. Plese

Shane L. Stickelmeyer, 23; three months in jail, 12 months probation, after pleading guilty to second-degree robbery.

Judge Maryann C. Moreno

Marcus A. Glaser, 37; 90 days in jail, 12 months probation, after pleading guilty to second-degree burglary, possession of a controlled substance and third-degree assault.

Judge Kathleen M. O’Connor

James Smith, 29; 364 days in jail, 12 months probation, after pleading guilty to vehicular assault.

Federal court

Bankruptcy petitions

Sarah A. Kautzman, 1004 N. Perrine Road; debts of $112,466.

Victoria Wagemann, Veradale; debts of $46,367.

Francisco and Herlinda Licon, Pasco; debts of $138,647.


Wage-earner petitions

Darren and Corrine Edwards, Chewelah, Wash.; debts of $535,862.

Christopher Davis, Edwall, Wash., and Stephanie Davis, Idaho; debts of $56,110.

Shawn and Day Viles, Veradale; debts of $304,137.

Municipal and District courts

Only fines of $500 or more included unless a jail sentence is given.

Judge Michelle Szambelan

Jorda F. Harshbarger, 20; $500 fine, reckless endangerment.

Richard K. Heindselman, 51; five days in jail, operating a motor vehicle without ignition interlock.

Emil S.O. Heydarov, 27; $500 fine, reckless endangerment.

Darryl L. Jones, 44; $1,196 fine, 90 days in jail, driving while intoxicated and reckless driving.

Robert A. Kluss II, 24; $500 fine, reckless endangerment.

Amber F. Leonard, 38; $1,121 fine, 90 days in jail, driving while intoxicated.

Patrick L. Marquette Sr., 39; 60 days in jail, theft.

Daniel S. Mayer, 46; 45 days in jail, third-degree driving with license suspended.

Brigit A. McBride, 40; 10 days in jail, first-degree driving with license suspended.

Kyle S. Michael, 20; 10 days in jail, two counts of theft.

Thomas C. Myers, 36; 30 days in jail, theft.

Judge Tracy Staab

Seth M. Pettengill, 22; $940 fine, one day in jail, first-degree negligent driving.

Douglas A. Ponder, 60; 10 days in jail, pedestrian interference.

Jeffrey S. Rathbone-Brown, 43; 14 days in jail, second-degree driving with license suspended.

Ashley L. Roark, 28; 30 days in jail, theft.

Top stories in Spokane

Then and Now: Comstock Park

James M. Comstock, born in 1838 in Wisconsin, arrived in Spokane in time to witness the great fire of 1889 and start Spokane Dry Goods with Robert Paterson. It became the Crescent, Spokane’s premier department store for a century. He also worked in real estate and owned other businesses. He served a term as Spokane mayor, starting in 1899. James Comstock died in 1918.