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The Slice: Mom needs to downsize on her own

Sat., Sept. 29, 2012

The North Side woman who cuts my hair asked her young son if she could come live with him when she grows old.

“I don’t think so, Mom,” he said.

Harsh? Not really. He’s just giving her plenty of time to come up with another plan.

Maybe he simply wants her to learn to be independent.

Just wondering: What’s your definition of a nip in the air?

Feedback: “I beg to differ with your theory about parallel parking,” wrote Dee Hunter, of Colville. “I understand the steps to the procedure completely. It’s the skill to complete those steps where I am lacking. I can never get the angle right the first time when backing up. It sometimes takes me three times. It’s not that I’m a novice at this, maybe it takes some geometric knowledge I never got.

“At any rate, Colville has recently changed from parallel parking to angle parking which I love. I only have to think about ‘the right angle’ when I come to Spokane.”

Maybe she needs to talk to Slice reader Jim Roeber, who told me about parallel parking near the University of Washington once while towing a 21-foot boat behind his pickup. “I don’t recall getting any applause, but there sure were a lot of gaping mouths.”

Laurie Newell did, in fact, receive an ovation from a dozen guys who had been throwing a football and stopped to watch her zip into a tight spot in front of a frat house in Pullman on a WSU football Saturday. “First try,” she wrote. “Without any adjustments.”

A note from a friend: “Thought of you the other day. Was riding my bike with my head down when I heard what sounded like a rather authentic duck approaching. Looked up and saw a little boy walking down the sidewalk toward me. He got quiet but as I passed the quacking resumed in earnest. Keep an eye out for him.”

Today’s Slice question: You know how certain parts of town have clusters of street names adhering to a theme? Sure. Native American tribes, Civil War, etc. Well, if you were the developer of a new swath of residential sprawl, what would be the theme of the street names and what would some of them be?

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