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The Slice: ‘Spokane retiree’ back in the news

How are things going for “Spokane retiree”?

Let’s check the newspaper’s archives for uses of that phrase and see what we find.

Well, there’s some good news.

For one thing, Spokane retiree “has been questioned but not charged.”

And he “said he’s feeling better.”

Must be, because at one point she “pulled out her checkbook.”

Perhaps that is because she “was thinking about Christmas.”

But apparently that’s not all Spokane retiree was contemplating. He “began using eHarmony two years ago.”

And “ran for mayor.”

Of course, it’s not all rosy for him/her. For instance, S-R readers learned that Spokane retiree “relies on free samples from his doctor” and was “unhappy with his taxes.”

But with age comes perspective. Spokane retiree wisely noted, “We just take a lot for granted.”

So true.

Things were looking up, though, when a headline declared that Spokane retiree “wins house.”

And it’s worth noting that he/she stayed active politically. I mean, did you know Spokane retiree “has gone to precinct caucuses for nearly 25 years”?

Or “regularly supports conservative candidates”?

Who knew?

Still, there’s always time for other activities. That’s why Spokane retiree “was at the epicenter of Saturday’s annual Basset Bash.”

And why he “dons the red suit year after year.”

It’s good to keep busy.

One way to stay sharp is to continue learning. Often that involves asking questions.

You will be pleased to know that’s precisely what Spokane retiree is doing.

Why, not all that long ago, the newspaper reported that he “wanted to know if it was possible to grind up material too much for composting.”

Next, we’ll check in on young people attending local colleges.

Here’s a preview.

Among other things, Whitworth student “impressed the entire family.”

Well done, Whitworth student.

Warm-up question: When was the last time you took a bath instead of a shower?

Today’s Slice question: Has it ever been pointed out to you that never in your life have you gotten the direction right when pointing or gesturing to indicate a location while telling a story?

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