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Arm school staff

The Spokane Public Schools audit fails our kids because it fails to address the ultimate nightmare: an armed psycho. SPS correctly recognized the need to arm their officers, but over 30 schools remain without armed security. Acceptable?

Shelley Redinger, Jason Conley and Bob Douthitt oppose responsibly armed, screened, trained, volunteer staff. Douthitt doesn’t understand the benefit of armed staff will save lives or minimize the loss of life. Ignorance, or willful ignorance?

The report’s recommendations are good, but a psycho doesn’t care about identification badges, cameras or checking in. Responsibly armed staff is just one piece of this security puzzle, and a huge security boost. They say guns aren’t the answer, yet they armed their officers.

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich is willing to discuss providing firearms training, but they won’t even call him. Chief Frank Straub opposes the concept, but isn’t he the guy who needed a waiver to be a cop?

If we can’t afford a cop in every school, then this is the next best thing. We don’t have to accept our kids cowering in a corner? Remember the sick feeling after Sandy Hook? Wish somebody was armed? I do. Will you call and demand all schools be secured?

Tony Olivas



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