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Tue., April 2, 2013

Siding with shooter

I am a nearly 70-year-old female. I own Dobermans, have a fenced yard, and keep my doors and gate locked. When I go shopping, I am constantly aware of my surroundings. I worked hard my entire life to have the things I have. I have a concealed weapons permit and carry a weapon. I am also an excellent shot and quick on the draw. I have a right to protect what is mine, and I will never be a victim.

Why? Because there are so many Brendon Kaluza-Grahams out there who don’t understand that taking something that does not belong to them is a crime; yet they also understand that the police cannot completely protect the citizenry. Therefore, we, the law-abiding citizenry, have been pushed to protect ourselves.

My heart goes out to Kaluza-Graham’s family and friends. I have lost a child, and grief is a terrible thing.

However, Kaluza-Graham’s death was a cost of doing business for the type of business he was in. According to the news briefs, Kaluza-Graham carried the tools of a professional car thief. Had he come to my home in the name of crime, I would have reacted just like Gail Gerlach.

Nancy Hartley


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