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Wed., April 3, 2013, midnight

Someone behind the barrel

Annie Powell’s March 24 letter reminded me of some valuable information I received years ago while taking the Handgun Safety for Women class through the Institute for Extended Learning.

This class was taught by Maynard Gillespie, the range master for the Spokane Police Department, a man who would probably qualify as an expert on gun safety. Not only was the course designed to teach you how to safely handle a firearm, but it was to make you mindful of the destruction that can be caused from the use of a firearm, and the laws regarding its use.

On the first day of class, Maynard gave us some very important information. Guns do not kill people, people kill people. In his 30-some years of law enforcement, he never encountered a situation where a gun, of its own accord, discharged itself, wounding or killing a living being. Guns do not load themselves, nor do they mindfully predetermine a target for vengeance, retaliation, destruction or visions of martyrdom.

In the same way as cars, planes, etc., do not drive themselves with the intent on injuring or killing their passengers, there is always someone behind the wheel (or the barrel).

Tracie Hogeboom


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