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Thu., April 4, 2013

Campaign issue squelched

For two years, since Citizens United, Washingtonians have watched our elections increasingly be infiltrated by wealthy individuals, greedy corporations and unions. They spent three times more in this election (mostly negative ads) as in the record-breaking 2008 election. We have a chance to change that.

The state Senate Operations and Elections Committee has now held two public hearings on HJM 4001, a resolution calling upon Congress to pass an amendment giving Congress and states the authority to regulate campaign financing.

At the first hearing, the resolution had overwhelming support from citizens from across the state, including nine from Spokane. The second hearing on March 26 did not go as well. There was still clear and overwhelming support, but Sen. Pam Roach chose not to allow the panel, including a woman from Spokane with 26 pages of petitions (850 names), even to speak. Same for a woman who came all the way from Washington, D.C., to speak for her constituents here. Ditto numerous other citizens who came from across the state to be heard.

Call Roach, (360) 786-7660, and your own senators to say “hear the people.” Let this come up for a vote before the full Senate.

Mary Murphy


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