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Thu., April 4, 2013

Facts about Mormons

In response to Ann Warwick’s March 23 letter entitled “Churches are intruding”: Warwick claims that churches should be taxed, adding in part that the Mormon Church paid into the fight against Proposition 8 in California, which was overwhelmingly supported by California voters. Whatever monies were produced to support the proposition came from taxpaying individuals whose choice of church is Mormonism.

The church did make members aware that our strong belief of marriage between a man and woman was about to be compromised. Those members who chose to support that belief were encouraged to “use [their] best efforts to preserve the sacred institution of marriage.” Many members of their own accord did contribute to the cause; many others volunteered their time to support this belief.

Incidentally, the church has a Humanitarian Program in which members may specify their contributions are used for that program. Those donations are used for people “mostly outside the Mormon faith who face disasters or acute needs throughout the world.”

From 1985-2009, $327.6 million in cash and $884.6 million in commodities were given to 178 countries. If you want to get the real facts about Mormonism, its beliefs and accountability, check out

Mindy Wright

Spokane Valley

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