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Be mindful of circumstances

Hopefully the Spokane city prosecutor and possibly a jury will bear in mind the sequence of events related to the auto theft and resulting shooting of Brendon Kaluza-Graham. As unfortunate and tragic as this situation is, it never would have occurred if the car had not been stolen. This was not the first time Kaluza-Graham has been involved in auto theft. According to The Spokesman-Review, he had quite an extensive arrest record.

Not long ago an intoxicated off-duty police officer did exactly the same thing, and as far as I know paid no penalty. Hopefully this will not be another situation where there is a police vs. citizen double standard.

This whole situation is tragic for all parties concerned and we all hate to see a young life lost. But the fact is if Kaluza-Graham would have been at work that morning, not out stealing cars, this would not have happened.

Cory Hayes



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