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Can live in hindsight

In response to Carl Smith’s “Told you so” letter of March 31, Gen. Douglas MacArthur was a World War II hero and a very successful general, but times changed during the Korean War. He wanted to invade China, or bomb them, as we did Japan, because they intervened on North Korea’s behalf.

A less popular, but more level-headed response by President Harry Truman was to call a cease-fire. Remember that Truman had already dropped the atom bomb twice, which gives this businessman-turned-commander-in-chief hawkish validation.

Also, consider the similarities between that war (police action) and Vietnam, which is now an ally and trading partner with the United States.

Relate that to Smith’s assertion that a law-abiding citizen is correct to administer the ultimate punishment to a property crimes perpetrator, when considering the times we live in.

Hindsight is 20/20, but life as it happens is not.

Ken Robinson



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