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Sat., April 6, 2013

Thief paid the price

I am disabled, 71 years old and can no longer work. After retirement, I went from middle class to just above poverty class.

I had a 15-horsepower outboard motor stolen from me. Where can I go to get a replacement motor free of cost? I will tell you: nowhere. My point is that I am out my motor, no way of replacing it.

Will all of the people who think this thief’s death was “senseless” pay for the man’s legal costs and loss of his car? I doubt this group has two pennies to rub together. It is easy to stand on the sideline and have an opinion if you have no loss.

The thief trespassed, took something that was not his, put the owner out of a car with the expense of getting a new one, and made the owner late for work. The thief paid the consequences that go along with his line of “work.”

James Chaney

Spokane Valley

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