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Sun., April 7, 2013

Block this college aid

Representatives Joe Schmick, Joel Kretz and Shelly Short voted to allow illegal aliens to receive taxpayer support for their college education. When we are cutting back services to our neediest citizens and underfunding K-12 education, which serves students of all income levels and races, it would seem counterproductive, and racist, to finance the college education of illegal aliens.

Spending $1.5 million yearly to fund a grant program (not based on scholarship) to educate illegal aliens when graduates on student visas that paid for their education are forced to return home is hard to justify. The bill now goes to the Senate. John Smith is our senator, (360) 786-0407.

If you want to attract more illegal aliens to our state and believe taxes should be increased to pay for the college education of illegal aliens when middle-income students do not qualify for these programs, call him and ask him to support illegal aliens. If you think it is time to stop putting the wishes of illegal aliens before those of our citizens, call him and ask him to vote no.

Smith really needs to know how voters, not special interests that push such legislation, want him to vote.

John Axtell

Valley, Wash.

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