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Sun., April 7, 2013

Modified foods an issue

I was immediately nauseated when I saw that the so-called Monsanto Protection Act was passed as part of the continuing budget resolution.

I am a student at Gonzaga, and this fall attended a social justice conference in Washington, D.C. One of the social issues taught was that of environmental issues. The issue of genetically engineered foods no doubt falls under an “environmental issue,” to put it kindly. Since the conference, I have been working with fellow students to support the GE labeling campaign. I even met with one of Sen. Maria Cantwell’s staffers and urged Cantwell to vote no on House Resolution 933; I was more than disappointed to see that she voted yes.

I am worried that the passage of HR 933 will act as a Pandora’s box. I am writing this letter because I want citizens to see HR 933 not just as a violation to the environment, but to their own lives. I hope that people come to see that genetically engineered food is not just an environmental issue, but an American issue.

Rebecca Barad


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