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That’s News to you answers

Sun., April 7, 2013

Here are the answers to this week’s quiz.

1. A. Aubrey L. White described the riverbank as a “dead landscape of rock and ashpile” in a Spokane Daily Chronicle article. He announced plans to beautify the islands in the river channel. It took 60 years and the hosting of Expo ’74 to make that plan happen.

2. D. Several proposals would allow beer, wine or stronger booze to be served in theaters, liquor tastings in grocery stores, or free wine during manicure and pedicure appointments, but none would lower the age requirement for buying alcohol. Some people believe the Legislature is looking into more ideas to loosen liquor laws because the state is out of the liquor business.

3. B. The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday it needs more time to review other options in the face of a number of legal challenges to the closures of 149 towers nationwide. The FAA also needs to review the impact on affected airports.

4. C. The Spokane Club’s Spokane Valley facility has tennis courts, an indoor pool, and gyms for working out and conditioning. The club bought the building in 2000 for about $3.2 million and has spent about $3 million on upgrades at the facility. The club’s board members now want to sell the Valley facility.

5. A. The best mountain snowpack is in Washington, at 112 percent of normal. The average snowpack this year is about 75 percent of normal, according to the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Alaska is around 100 percent, and Arizona is the lowest, at 40 percent.

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Last week’s winners: Chuck Zigmund, of Otis Orchards, won the Davenport gift card. Gary Rhodes, of Spokane, won movie tickets.

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