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Sun., April 7, 2013, midnight

What is Green Bluff?

The Green Bluff farming community again attempts to keep nonfarming activities off agricultural-zoned land. Spokane County Planning Director John Pederson during the workshop last week was asked if event centers were currently allowed on Green Bluff. His answer was no.

Two event centers operating on Green Bluff were issued warning notices by county Enforcement Officer David Jensen in 2012. A wedding fee of up to $5,000 is a lucrative business, and many more event centers are likely if they become legal.

In the 1990s, people came together and gave the county a set of principles to follow in regard to protecting our farmland. The agricultural zones were established based on the quality of their soil, and activities other than farming were prohibited or discouraged by zoning rules. Farmers were allowed to directly sell produce from their farms.

The comprehensive plan allows for “on-site” agro-tourism sales in the small-tract agricultural zone: Policy NR.1b “Ensure adequate supply, long-term conservation and wise stewardship of natural resources.” NR.3.20 “Retail sales facilities and activities shall not be allowed on natural resource lands except as accessory to the sale of commodities produced on-site.”

Shall Green Bluff stay farmland or become a commercial use area?

Judy Crowder


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