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Mon., April 8, 2013, midnight

It could happen to you

I am writing in response to David Michaelson’s letter on March 31. I, too, agree that crime is bad in Spokane. My home has been burglarized, my auto stolen and I still have not shot anyone.

He states, “the shooter effectively prevented further tragedy from a speeding deadly weapon racing through the streets plowing through innocent victims,” and in the next sentence relates this shooting to justice? Where does he get all of his information? The auto in question did not plow into anything until the shooter shot him in the head.

I am not defending the deceased’s actions of theft, and I agree that our courts need to be harder on persons who commit crimes. However, the death penalty for auto theft? Maybe in the Middle East, but I wouldn’t think it would be good here.

In closing, and I will get off my rant: Does he really think that this couldn’t happen to one of his loved ones? Think again. All it takes is the wrong crowd or person in someone’s life. I truly hope he never has to bury someone he loves for a reason like this.

Tom Kelly


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