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The Slice: Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler

If, like in the 1999 movie “Office Space,” a chirpy co-worker accused you of having “a case of the Mondays,” how would you respond?

All you can eat: Amy Ammons noticed the Slice reader’s comment about deer raiding bird feeders. It reminded her of a sequence she photographed at her place outside Spangle.

In the first picture, a deer is in the process of gobbling up all the snacks left out for birds. Then, in the next photo, the same deer can be seen looking in a window of the house, “As if to say, ‘Hey, you’re all out of bird food!’ ”

Expressing local sophistication: Janet Lake took on the fill-in-the-blank challenge.

She said North Idaho’s version of the saying would be “Didn’t just fall off the logging truck.”

She said the Palouse’s would be “… the wheat truck.”

And she said the Moscow area’s would be “… the lentil truck.”

Gary Polser wrote, “A sophisticated Inland Northwesterner could be said to have not just fallen off a recycling truck.”

What might have been: The item about naming towns twice reminded Kathy Bixler of something.

She had a friend named Judy from Walla Walla. In college Judy dated a young man named John Judy. “She wanted to be Judy Judy from Walla Walla,” said Bixler.

But Judy wound up marrying a different John.

Re: friends from other parts of the country wanting you to meet them in Seattle or Portland: “Your column reminded me of a time when my pen pal of 50 years (yes, 50!) from England had a business meeting in San Francisco and wrote to ask me if I had time while she was there to meet up,” wrote Cathi Lamoreux. “When I explained the mileage between SF and Spokane, she was aghast.”

Final word: “Growing up there during the Cold War, anyone saying ‘Moss-cow’ was automatically labeled a ‘Commie’ — since ‘Moss-cow’ was how the national TV news anchors pronounced the Soviet capital,” wrote Chuck Horgan.

Today’s Slice question: If they were sent back in time and placed in westward-headed covered wagons, what would modern kids complain about?

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