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Support Initiative 522

Tragically, all of our state’s gals in Washington, D.C., voted in favor of HR 933 and the “Farm Assurance Provision” in the six-month spending bill to keep our broken federal government humming. This is not farmer, consumer, public or environment health friendly. It is Monsanto protection. This bars federal courts from stopping the sale of genetically engineered seeds regardless of the proven risks of such crops now and in the future.

There were no customary hearings held, nor did the provision get a review in the agriculture or judiciary committees. Another brazen example of corporate takeover: one-dollar, one-vote usurping one-person, one-vote. Millions of dollars and hundreds of lobbyists have railroaded the due democratic process and are silencing an essential right of individuals to know and protect what they own, grow and consume.

Support Initiative 522 and the right to know with labeling if your food has been genetically engineered, or contains genetically modified organisms as ingredients.

Marilyn Darilek



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