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What churches really do

Concerning a March 23 letter stating that churches should pay taxes or keep their mouths shut, with a special dig on the Catholic Church:

Please note that the main body of the churches consist of we the members, and we all pay taxes.

We also pay the nontaxable funds that sustain charities that aid the needy in this country as well as throughout the world.

The Catholic Church is one of the largest, if not the largest, charity in the world.

For example, when the anti-God Communists took over China, they eliminated 3,932 schools, 216 hospitals, 781 dispensaries, 254 orphanages and 10,000 missionaries – all Catholic. Mother Teresa alone established over 500 houses of charity.

Let’s not forget the Salvation Army and the many other Protestant charities.

We also willingly submit to laying our lives on the line in defense of our country, while many thousands of us (with our mouths shut) are now buried at sea or lying beneath little white crosses on foreign soil.

In spite of everything just stated, those who distort the truth to promote their socialist, nation-disarming and anti-Christian agenda will still be among us to expound and mislead.

White House agenda? Anyone notice?

Andy Ferrera



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