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Thu., April 11, 2013

Don’t like county recycling

Just happened to notice on my new giant-size blue Dumpster that barely fits through my gates and is a pain to store, that we can no longer put small batteries from our electronic devices in it. Now, we paid for this giant, cumbersome thing most of us dislike, and it won’t let us recycle as much as the old blue bins? Something’s wrong with that picture.

I called Waste Management, and they agreed no batteries of any kind for county dwellers. We have to take them to a transfer station. Well, driving my car to somewhere else to dispose of them sounds like more expense to me.

Thank you, Spokane County overlords, for making such a wonderful deal for us. Perhaps you three need to drive around the county and pick up the batteries you ignored in your dealings with Waste Management.

Les Norton


Editor’s note: In the city of Spokane, batteries put in a sealed bag can be placed atop the recycling bin. This is not true in the county.

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