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Man assaulted during alleged drug deal in Liberty Lake

Thu., April 11, 2013, midnight

A man and a truck were beaten with a baseball bat after the man allegedly called off a drug deal in the parking lot of the Liberty Lake Albertsons at 1:23 a.m. Saturday.

The assault victim had arranged to buy marijuana but decided to cancel the deal because he thought something seemed off, said Police Chief Brian Asmus. That decision apparently enraged the sellers, who got out a baseball bat and started swinging. They took the car driver’s keys and a wallet and one shoe belonging to the victim, Asmus said. Why only one shoe was taken is a mystery, he said. “Maybe it makes it harder to run and chase them,” he said.

The two men who had their belongings stolen were contacted by an officer and the Spokane Valley Fire Department at 8:19 p.m. the same day for a large campfire in the woods in the Green Ridge area near the Idaho state line, Asmus said. “I could see it from my house,” Asmus said of the fire. “It was a big plume of smoke.”

A man called the department on April 2 to report that a debt collector had called him, identified himself using the name of a Liberty Lake officer and told the man that if he didn’t pay up he would be arrested. The call did not come from the department, Asmus said.

An officer was called to the Pepper Tree Hotel just after midnight on Saturday on a report of an extremely intoxicated woman who was being disruptive. The officer told the woman to stay in her room, but was called back to the hotel a while later, Asmus said. On the second trip the officer took the woman to a detox center, he said.

A shopper found a wallet in a shopping cart at the Liberty Lake Safeway on April 2 and turned it in to police. The wallet was returned to its owner the next day, Asmus said.

During the week officers made four arrests for driving with a suspended license. They handed out 12 citations for speeding and two for failure to show proof of liability insurance. Additional citations were given for license and plates required, expired registration, driving without a license with identification and failure to wear a safety belt.

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