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Thu., April 11, 2013

Where’s rest of story?

Now that The Spokesman-Review has questioned his neighbors and pried into the background of Gail Gerlach, the man who shot Brendon Kaluza-Graham while he was stealing his truck, in all fairness The Spokesman-Review will surely wish to do likewise regarding Kaluza-Graham. What was his attitude regarding guns and gun rights?

Exactly how many cars had he stolen prior to stealing Gerlach’s? How many times had he been in jail for various crimes, and how much time had he served for his crimes? The Spokesman-Review quotes one neighbor having said, “I think the cops could have caught him.” Well, evidently the cops had caught him a number of times previously for car theft, and what all else? The Spokesman-Review in fairness needs to tell us that also. It is no surprise that this leftist paper is none too subtly attempting to paint Gail Gerlach as the bad guy in this matter, and the thief as the poor victim.

Spokane is already high on the list of cities where cars are stolen. It cannot be doubted; if Gerlach is charged with murder it will be an open invitation for arrogant, cocky crooks to have at it.

Ken Campbell

Deer Park

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