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Interplayers worth saving

Thank you for sharing the plight of Interplayers’ financial crunch. As a board member and longtime season subscriber, I want to impress on the downtown stakeholders (restaurants, hotels, shops) the importance of saving Interplayers. A large number of our subscribers come from out of town and make a weekend of it in downtown Spokane, eating out, staying at a hotel, shopping. Many locals have dinner before the show and stay downtown afterward for drinks or other entertainment.

If Interplayers does go dark, it will be a grave loss to Spokane’s cultural scene. We’re already in danger of losing our young people due to our dearth of an arts and culture scene and, remember, Interplayers is our city’s only professional theater, meaning the actors are all paid for their work. It’s a bellwether of a dying city when it starts losing its cultural institutions, be it symphony, museum, professional theater or opera.

We’ve already lost Spokane Opera. Let’s hold on to Interplayers.

Vincent Bozzi



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