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Knights decision baffling

Last night, I received a call from my daughter, a Gonzaga University graduate, telling me that she had received an email stating that a Knights of Columbus student group was refused official recognition status as a club at GU. The “reasoning” was that one had to be male and Catholic to belong, and therefore was not “inclusive.” I was dumbfounded, but after a little research discovered it was actually true.

I presume that those who made this decision – Kassi Kain and Sue Weitz – are unfamiliar with the history and status of the Knights in the Catholic Church, not to mention the tremendous amount of charity work they do. I wonder if they are familiar with another group on campus that requires its members to be male and Catholic? They are called Jesuits.

I understand that this ridiculous decision may be reconsidered. I certainly hope so.

By the way, my husband and I , as well as four of our children, are GU graduates.

Valerie Mullen



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