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Sat., April 13, 2013, midnight

Obama, catch a cold

The other day my granddaughter said they were discussing the presidents of the United States in school and almost all the students had George Washington and Abraham Lincoln as most influential. I agreed, and began thinking who I would place at No. 3.

I finally decided on the ninth president, William Henry Harrison. He served one month in office because a cold he caught on his inauguration day worked its way into pneumonia, and he was forced to his bed. By doing so, he was the one president who couldn’t “foul up” the workings of the government.

My suggestion would be President Barack Obama follow his lead for the next three and a half years, after which he could go on his merry way. Gone would be his constant fundraising and campaigning. Loans to the green energy sector might halt, and we wouldn’t be exposed to his lack of caring for the country. We actually might regain some clout in dealing with North Korea and Iran.

Having Obama out of the picture for the next three-plus years might give us a fighting chance, after which he can return to his real passion of being a community organizer.

Robert Johnson


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