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Sat., April 13, 2013

Pain meds important

I have very painful arthritis in my back and shoulders. I am on hydrocodone for pain, and it does take the top off the pain, but it doesn’t stop it. If I can’t get my medication, I can’t do much walking, or living for that matter.

I am going to be 82 years old this coming August. My husband will be 92 years old this year, and I need to help him and myself. We do our own work and cooking and taking care of the yard. We don’t ask for much help.

Just because there are people that get carried away on painkillers doesn’t mean all people do. Don’t punish us because we are careful and only use them when needed.

I think most older people that overdose are more lonely and isolated than people know. Most of us have our pride and don’t ask for help when we really need it.

So please think everything over carefully before making the rest of us live out our lives in pain.

Elaine Elliott


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