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Sat., April 13, 2013

Vote for Reardan-Edwall

Automatically voting no to school levies or bonds because you don’t like the teachers union (or whatever your goal) is like fasting because you don’t like Food and Drug Administration food labeling. What we need is more autonomy at the local level, and that has to be fixed at the state level. Punishing your local district plays into the hands of those who think the state and federal government should take over. Don’t be used as a pawn.

Our ballot for the Reardan-Edwall School District bond issue arrived with two postcards. One is from an outside group funded by a man who believes public education should be abolished and who has money and time to spend to support his personal goal. That would be the big bright yellow one.

The other postcard was designed by a Reardan High School graduate with a daughter in our elementary school, developed by a committee of local parents and grandparents who know our school, all of whom have volunteered their time and talents, and tells you the truth. That would be the attractive one with pictures of kids.

Who are you going to believe? Vote yes for the Reardan-Edwall School District bond.

Sue Lani Madsen

Edwall, Wash.

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