April 14, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Who’s the real madman?


President Obama is preparing an offensive war on the Korean peninsula. The Wall Street Journal (April 3) reported on several threats and provocations to North Koreans described in Obama’s “playbook,” revealing that the current show of military force was planned in advance, and the United States acted with the deliberate intention of regime change and occupation.

Critical minds may wonder who’s the real madman, especially when, lately, every mainstream political cartoon and television broadcast depict the North Korean leader as totally bonkers. We’re urged to believe only a lunatic would dare to defy United States military might, capable of destroying every North Korean above-and-below-ground structure, exactly what was done throughout 1950-53, plus 4 to 5 million people killed.

How hard is it to understand their 60-year history and why they’re now mobilizing against a possible second genocidal war?

Like previous Democratic presidents John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, Barack Obama seems eager to risk a wider Asian war in a gamble to advance United States’ business interests and Pentagon control. Unfortunately, the next peace movement must first overcome reluctance within its own ranks to criticize the man who asked us to believe in real change.

Chuck Armsbury


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