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No guns for you!

Remember the Soup Nazi character from “Seinfeld”? Today, the gun control movement exhibits a similar attitude, but it’s focused at guns, not soup. I don’t understand why “Gun Nazis” (no guns for you) are so insistent on punishing innocent people who are responsible and law-abiding gun owners.

What if we used the same rules Gun Nazis propose for guns on, say, the use of alcohol? Every year, drunk drivers and alcohol abuse kills thousands more innocent people than do people abusing guns. Using the same Gun Nazi logic for alcohol as for guns, we would require background checks for all alcohol purchases, and limit the size of bottles of alcohol to 7 milliliters or less.

Fortunately, we don’t use this logic when it comes to alcohol. Rather, we make the punishment for the irresponsible use of alcohol so severe that it acts as a deterrent. We should do the same for the irresponsible and illegal use of guns: make the punishment so severe that it will deter most of the irresponsible and lawless actions.

Sadly, the Gun Nazis’ logic only punishes the responsible and law-abiding citizen while failing to deter the lawless.

Doug Belcher



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