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Tue., April 16, 2013

Sickened by pension abuse

Although thoroughly enjoying your three-part series on pension and medical abuses, I can’t seem to find a medication to rid me of my stomach sickness. Especially because our country has gone out of our way to praise our first responders, only to be betrayed by their gaming of a poorly designed system. One could only wonder what reaction their neighbors would have if they were to share their entitled beliefs.

Too many times, we hear or read of these same instances throughout our country of how public servants have taken advantage of their compassionate supporters, who quietly sneak into king’s benefits, only to be forgotten. Their ill-gotten gains promoted and authorized by their cronies who, too, will most likely join them in raping hard-working taxpayers not nearly as fortunate as themselves. I really resent the guy who says the IRS is the only one suffering.

Over the years you have made us aware of these atrocities. We shake our heads and wonder how this has happened, and we wake up the next day born again into the same hypocrisies. How do we fix something that’s so broken? How do you punish the designers for being idiots?

Peter Ward

Spirit Lake

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