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Letters to the Editor

Wed., April 17, 2013

Some views on news

Just a few comments on current events.

Background checks: Criminals do not commit mass murders; insane people commit mass murders. The database used for background checks contains lots of data on criminals, but little or no data on the mentally ill. Don’t the politicians know this?

Iraq War 10th anniversary: No weapons of mass destruction, no mobile biological weapons labs, no connection to 9/11, a country’s infrastructure destroyed, and many thousands dead or disabled. Yet, the people who lied us into the war are still running around loose. Why?

Gay marriage: Why is the government involved at all? Marriage is a contract between two people (or more). The only function of the government should be to register the contract to ensure equitable distribution of assets in case of divorce.

Social Security: Candidate Barack Obama promised to make Social Security solvent by modifying the earnings cap so high earners paid more. President Obama wants to reduce the COLA instead. Another politician breaks a promise. Are you surprised?

In closing, I suggest that we do away with elections and campaigning and just draw names out of a hat (or the computerized version thereof). We couldn’t do any worse.

Larry Blanchard

Spokane Valley

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