April 18, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Fight back, face consequences


When I was a child, it was unheard of for young people to hang around downtown begging for money or cigarettes. Today, we have dozens in front of many popular businesses. How has it come to this?

We have allowed ourselves to be intimidated by anti-American organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union and its battery of attorneys who value notoriety and money more than what is in society’s best interest, and parents who apparently have little interest in how their children spend their day. Don’t blame the kids. People, especially young people, do what they are allowed to do. We have allowed our teachers, police and public officials to become handcuffed by people who do not share our values.

Perhaps it is time to quit turning the other cheek and fight back. Roust these kids out of downtown and darn the consequences. Fight the lawsuits, and hold the people that bring them up to the ridicule they deserve. This would be a good starting place for cleaning up our entire country from the diversity lovers and politically correct crowd.

Hal Dixon


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