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More firefighter bashing

Not a week goes by that our mayor and many on our Spokane City Council don’t take another shot at the firefighters of our community. All with what seems like the willing support of our city’s newspaper.

Sunday’s front-page article concerning pension abuses by a handful of fire officers in a city hundreds of miles away and under a pension system that for all practical purposes no longer exists is nothing more than “dirt” – imported dirt to raise the ire of the public as the mayor proposes drastic measures that will weaken our fire service and reduce the quality of care our citizens receive.

Please, ask a local firefighter for the truth as this ever-increasing smear campaign rolls on. What’s being printed in the paper and held out as “fact” at City Council meetings are half-truths meant to further the radical agenda of a few.

This latest article, no doubt spoon-fed to the paper by those running our city, is The Spokesman-Review simply fanning the fires our city leaders are continually lighting in hopes of dismantling a department they treat like an enemy.

Louis Franchino


(Editor’s note: The pension series was reported by the Associated Press and ran in newspapers across the state.)


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