The Slice: Was your score near perfect?

FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2013

Most would agree that we all need to take responsibility for our own happiness and success.

Still, there is a temptation to give Spokane a performance evaluation when you hit big birthdays or years-lived-here milestones.

Has the Lilac City held up its end of the bargain? Are you satisfied?

Please rate your attitude regarding each of the following on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the best possible score. Then add it up and grade yourself.

Here are the categories: 1. Economic opportunity. 2. Variety of lifestyle options. 3. Weather. 4. Political/public policy compatibility. 5. Friendliness. 6. Affordability. 7. Feel safe from crime. 8. Feel safe from natural disasters. 9. Transportation options. 10. Overall arts/recreation/cultural vibe.

Grade Yourself:

100-90 – You are so happy living here that you must go to bed smiling and wake up laughing.

89-80 – It would seem that you are in the right place.

79-70 – You are reasonably satisfied but not walking around in a blissed out trance.

69-60 – You aren’t bitter but occasionally wonder if you might actually be a Portland or Bozeman person.

59-50 – You don’t hate Spokane but do not think it is nearly perfect.

49-40 – Everywhere you look, you see room for improvement.

39-30 – Your glass is half empty.

29-20 – Time for a new start somewhere else?

19-10 – Are you a danger to yourself or others?

9-0 – Thanks for all your helpful online comments.

Warm-up question: What happened when you reached out to grab something – anything – as you were starting to fall backward?

Today’s Slice question: If you get behind on your newspaper reading and wind up with a stack, what do you do? A) Wait for a rainy weekend day and tackle it then. B) Get situated in a comfortable chair with the stack in your lap and then watch “Apollo 13” for the 10th time. C) At some point you just bite the bullet and put the stack out with the recycling. D) Hang on to it no matter how tall it gets because you know that, whenever you do get around to it, there will be several life-enriching nuggets waiting for you. E) Drop the stack off at an animal shelter. F) Whittle it down with a quick power-sort and then carefully go through the remainder on Sunday. G) Other.

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