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Blame people not guns

On April 3, a widowed grandmother’s house was broken into. She slept with a gun at her side. She held the intruder at gunpoint. The man is in jail on burglary charges. I think that this is a perfect example that it’s not the gun that kills people; it’s the person holding it.

Guns should not be banned because they kill people, because if there was no one to shoot the gun, then no one would die. Guns themselves have no ability to kill anyone. Once you give it to someone who can fire it, the gun has a ton of killing potential. But, of course, if you give anything to a person that has the mind to kill someone, it becomes just as dangerous as a gun.

This grandmother had the right to shoot the man, but she didn’t. She only used it to scare him and hold him at bay. This shows that a gun isn’t what kills people; it’s the person holding the gun who does it.

This is another example that guns aren’t what kill people. It’s human beings, human beings who usually have mental problems. So guns should not be banned.

Bryan Anderson



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