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Sat., April 20, 2013

Blue bins an opportunity

Several recent critical letters regarding the new blue wheeled recycling bins remind me of the age-old adage that in the midst of change lays opportunity. These new larger-capacity bins offer opportunities. For instance, wheeled bins foster greater citizen involvement by allowing persons with certain limitations to wheel their recyclables to the curb where previously the bin had to be carried.

Also, many months out of the year, it is snowing or raining. For the personnel hand-sorting the recyclables curbside dealing with sodden materials from the previous open bins, the new arrangement is an improvement. Additionally, the larger capacity of the bins coupled with the increased range of what is recyclable decreases the waste stream.

My wife and I on our walks now take a bag and collect litter as we go, depositing the same in our bin. The bin’s larger capacity gives us the room to do our civic duty. There are other benefits as well. We only need an open mind to see them.

Bob Loomis


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