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Sat., April 20, 2013

City out of the closet

For many years, people have thrown around the prospect of splitting the state of Washington in half. Western Washington, known for its Prius-driving liberals, and Eastern Washington, recognized for its gun-packing conservatives, were so different and, for the purpose of elections, having two different states would be simpler.

Now, however, the line between the two halves of the state is gradually disintegrating, and as of recently Spokane has shown itself more liberal than Seattle. Spokane is the third-gayest city in the nation, according to the Advocate, a gay rights magazine, Where did the Bible-thumping, shotgun-owning, elephant-endorsing conservative Republicans go?

The eastern half of the state was supposed to brag about all the small businesses, not the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in our community. Spokane has shown its cards. We are no longer the distant and detached cousin of Seattle. No, we are Seattle’s little brother, sick of living in the shadows. Ladies and gentlemen, Spokane has officially come out of the closest.

Michala Cain


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